Lift Series A

is based on a high-class guides IGUS, combined with strong metal structure allows raising flat TV screens weighing up to 80 kg. The technologies used in the production of this model, we achieved a very high durability of this product. (In the manufacturer's laboratory examined copies of showing at least 40,000 cycles without fault which represents over 30 years of normal use). The lift has a security system security cabinet space under the TV screen. Due to the parameters of the lift, this model is available in two types.



Lift Series B

is built based on linear guides, which in combination with metal lift a very durable and stable mechanism designed to lift with the furniture a flat screen TV with a weight of 60 kg. Tests conducted in the laboratory of the manufacturer confirmed the durability of the device (failure-free operation over the full 20,000 cycles) which in practice is about 18 years of use. Given the variety of mounting systems for TV, to lift the 'B' developed a universal sling for mounting any TV to the lift. Additionally, we developed a system of accessories to mount the TV on a custom assembly systems. (Distances SP1-2-3; MB1-2-3 mounting flanges). Moreover elevator has a safety system which prevents a reduction lift down if the space under the TV is blocked. Lift equipped with a control unit dedicated to this device.



Lift Series C and CE

C line TV lift is a telescopic, aluminum lift designed for mounting in RTV furniture or in special case. Controlled by remote control (RF or programmable, self-learning IR system) and provided with electronic learnable control box gives a possibility of adjusting lifting height to your screen. Simple and close construction guarantees easy mount and reliability. Lifting mechanism doesn't cause vibrations and has overload detector which protects from getting inside case other objects.



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